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Mariam Mukhtar

Maryam Mukhtiar
(Urduمریم مختار‎)
BornJanuary 1, 1992
DiedNovember 24, 2015 (aged 23)
KundianMianwali District,Punjab, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistan
OccupationFlight LieutenantPilot officer
Known forPakistan's first war ready female pilot
Mariam Mukhtar (Sindhiمريم مختيار‎; January 1, 1992 – November 24, 2015) was a Pakistani fighter pilot. She was Pakistan's first female fighter pilot to die in the line of duty.[1]

Personal life

Maryam Mukhtiar Shaikh was the daughter of Col. R. Mukhtiar Ahmed Shaikh, and her ancestors were from Pano Akil,Sindh.she spent her early life in Karachi. Later on, she chose to join forces, despite she had been selected for civil engineering


Mariam graduated as a fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in 2007 with seven other female Pakistanis who also graduated as pilot officers.


On 24 November 2015, Mariam Mukhtiar Shaikh and her co-pilot squadron leader Saqib Abbasi were on their routine operational training mission when their PAF FT-7PG aircraft plane crashed near KundianPanjab


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Global Competitiveness Report 2015–2016

The Global Competitiveness Report 2015–2016 is being
launched at a pivotal time for the global economy. On
the one hand, economic development is characterized
by the “new normal” of higher unemployment, lower
productivity growth, and subdued economic growth
that could still be derailed by uncertainties such as
geopolitical tensions, the future path of emerging
markets, energy prices, and currency changes.

On the other hand, other recent developments show great promise—the so-called fourth industrial revolution and new ways of consuming such as the sharing economy could lead to another wave of significant innovations that drive growth. At the same time, across countries we are witnessing economic policymaking become increasingly people-centered and embedded in overall societal goals.

Whether economies get trapped in the new normal or harvest the benefits of the latest innovations for
their societies will crucially depend on their levels of competitiveness. Policymakers, businesses, and civil society leaders must work together to ensure continued growth and more inclusive outcomes of economic development. Enhancing competitiveness requires not only well-functioning markets; other keys to success include strong institutions that ensure the ability to adapt, the availability of talent, and a high capacity to innovate. These essential ingredients will become even more important in the future because economies that are competitive are more resilient to risks and better equipped to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

For over 35 years, the Global Competitiveness Report series has shed light on the key factors and
their interrelations that determine economic growth and a country’s level of present and future prosperity. By doing so, it aims to build a common understanding of the main strengths and weaknesses of an economy so stakeholders can work together to shape economic agendas that address challenges and enhance opportunities.

The Global Competitiveness Index has served to assess country performance since 2004, a time frame that has seen great changes in the global economic landscape and seen also an exploration of new avenues in how we think about economic growth. In order to maintain our cutting-edge value, we need to take into account the latest ideas about competitiveness.

This year’s Report provides an overview of the competitiveness performance of 140 economies and thus continues to be the most comprehensive assessment of its kind. It contains a detailed profile of each of the economies included. This Report is one of the flagship publications of the Forum’s Global
Competitiveness and Risks Team, which produces a number of related research studies aimed at supporting countries in their transformation efforts and raising awareness about the need to adopt holistic and integrated frameworks for understanding complex phenomena related to competitiveness and global risks.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picture with BC (7)

Ager Hum Pakistan Si Compare kare (Egypt and Tunisia) ko, Tu buht (clear) dikhae deta hai. K (Egypt and Tunisia) mien 1 (suicide) par parliament (change) ho jati hai, Aur Pakistan Mien Thousands Log (2010) si ab tak (suicide) kar chuke hai par majal hai k aik patwari bi (change) hoa ho, Koi Responsibility lene ko tayar hi nai hai.

But Pakistan mien (people) ni aapne Aap ko Aag tak laga li, (Trains) k Samny bhi Kood-y , But Waqi Pakistan Abi bi (Egypt and Tunisia) si Kafi darje Acha hai........!! Kio K (Egypt and Tunisia) mien abi Tak 2010 si 10 tak ( Dehshat-gar-Di k Waq-i-at) hoe hai, Aur Pakistan mien 200 si bi zada. (Egypt and Tunisia) mien  2010 si  koi bi ( suicide Bomb attack ) nai hoa, jab  k Pakistan mien 55 si bi zada ho gy hai. (Egypt and Tunisia) 50 tak (peoples) killed hoe hai 2010 si ab tak, Jab k Pakistan mien (Just In Karachi, thousands Peoples was killed in target Killing and others Activity).(Egypt and Tunisia) mien 2010 si ab tak koi bi (drone) attack nai hoa, Jab k Pakistan mien 200 Si bi zada hu chuke hai (aur es mian 2200 si bi Zada peoples  killed hoe), Aur Waqi Pakistan (Egypt and Tunisia) nai...............!!

Jab K Tunisia mien Inflation ka Rate 3.5 % aur Egypt mien 13% hoa tu waha peoples Road par a gy. Aur Pakistan World ka 12th mehn-ga  tareen Country hai  , aur khete hai k yaha Food k Goods (Cheezien) America si bi Zada mehn-gi hai. Yaha Officially news K ( Muta-biq) 14.2 % CPI hai. But paksitan mien es k Bawajood bi Koi In-qalaab nai aya.
Jab K Egypt mien Unemplyment (without labor Force) 9.3 % tak ja pohanchi tu In-qalaab a gya. Aur  Tunisia mien 13 % tak tu Log road par a gy. Jab k Yi Pakistan mien 15.5 % hai koi bi Roads par nai Aya, Yi waqi Pakistan hai.

Koi Waha Hajj Scandals, NICL, Steel Mills, Paksitan Railway, PIA, Rental Power corruptin Samnay nai aie, Waha Gas ,  energy aur Electricity ki Load sheeding bi nai Phir bi waha Inqalaab a gya. Tunisia mien 17-12-2010 ko aik person ni parliament k samny aapne aapko AAg laga lit u Parliament Change ho gy( Zain –ul abdin) the President, Jab k Egypt mien Bhi aik person ni aapne aapko Poice si Tang a kar Aag lagai thi tu 8 din k ander ander parliament change ho gut hi (Hosni Mubaarak) ki , aur enki Force bi Awam k sath mil gy thi.

Aur Pakistan waqi (Egypt and Tunisia) nai…………………!!!

but phir bi I LOVE My PAKISTAN, aik Din Hum developed hon gi..Inshahallah

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Picture with BC (6)

Asia Cricket Vs world Cricket
Jab Hum (Compare karte hai) Asia ki Teams ko , aur rank Karte hai unki Performance par, Tu mere Khayal mien
1)    India
2)    Pakistan
3)    Sri-Lanka
4)    Bangladesh

K chances hote hai jeetne k. India k zada chances hote hai k wo 3no ko hara sakti hai…phir Pakistan k phir srilanka k…!!

For example:
Ager India vs Srilanka Ka MATCh hai , to india k chances Zada hote hai Jeetne k. Ager India vs Pakistan ka Match hai tu phir be India k little bit Pala Bhari hota tarha Phir Pakistan vs Sri-lanka k match mien Pakistan k chances zada hote hai. Mujhe Samaj nai ati jo Team Dunya ko Tuff Time deti hai us Teams ko Pakistan k khilaaf kia ho jata hai aur INDIA k.
Mien sri-Lanka ki bat kar raha ho, Abi CB series mien jis Tarha uski Performance thi , aur jo usne Yaha Asia cup mien di,, Total different,,,,,!!

Yi tu hum ni Asia ki Teams ko Asia k sath Compare kia, But Ager en Asia ki TEAMS ko hum world ki Teams si Compare kare tu Phir Es tarha ranking hogi
1)    Sri-Lanka
2)    India
3)    Pakistan
4)    Bangladesh
(Means) k sri lanka k Performance Good ho jati hai Out of Asia k teams k against.
Yi meri aapni observation hai..Aapki aapni ho sakti hai..

Kal ASIA Cup k 1 big Upset hoa. India Lost the match from Bangladesh.
Bangladesh ni yi 3rd daf India ko Big Upset dia:
 aik 2004 mien, 2nd 2007 k world cup mien. And 3rd 2012 mien.

Bangladesh jab aapni Country mien Khelti hai tu Wo Bangladesh nai hoti , Aik aur bat K abi jo (BPL) hoa tha Bangladesh mien us si unko Big advantage mila. Jo kal Nazar aya …aur Pakistan k khilaaf bi nazar aya. Wo bi almost jeet gy the. But unfortunately Wo haar gy, Kio k 1 time par 39 balls par 39 Runs aur(5 wickets in hand )..

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Picture with BC (5)

Asghar Khan’s (Air Marshal (retd)) petition

Younis Habib (a central protagonist of the scandal and the former chief of the Mehran Bank) ni Aik (New scandal) Throw kia Es mulk mien. Es mien (Former president Ghulam Ishaq Khan) k Hukam (Order) par (Rs1.48 billion) ka (Arrange) kia gya. Uske Bad (PKR.34 Corer) (Differeent) Political parties mien (Distribute) kye gy. Aur (Remainig) PKR. 1 Arab ko (different ) jaga (invest) kia gya. Aur Es Drama serial mien Jo ( Main Role)  former army chief Mirza Aslam Baig, ISI (ISI chief Gen Assad Durrani ), Younis Habib ka hai.
((According to reports, in 1996 a human rights petition was filed by Air Marshal Asghar Khan (retd) in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (HRC 19/96) against the retired Chief of Army Staff General Mirza Muhammad Aslam Beg, the former Inter Services Intelligence chief retired Lt-General Asad Durrani and Younis Habib of Habib and Mehran Banks, relating to the disbursement of public money and its misuse for political purposes.))
Phir Younis habib ni es scandal ko Aik new Rang di dia , Jab usne kaha k yi hoa hai aur Rupees distribute hoe hai. Yi LOG ISI si Paisa nai lena chahte the Esly phele 15 core rupee
According to Report, PML (N) {Mian nawaz Sharif) ko 35 Lac, Jamat-E- Islami ko 50 Lac, Meer fazal ko 1 Corer , Marhoom Peer Pagara 20 Lac Rupee, Humayun Marri ko 15 lac aur Naseer mangel ko 10 lac dye, es ni Bi-Nazeer ki Hukumat ko Harane ka (Task) Dia gya, Aur IJI ban Gy. Jis ne 106 Seats Li kar PPPP ko hara dia ( 1990 k Election Mien). Aur Phir IJI k under mien Nawaz –Sharif Ki Hukumat Bun gy. Khete hai k yi Hukumat Us Paisa ka kamal tha. Es kamal mien Ishaq Khan k Musheer-Khas aur Election cell k Incharge Gen. Rafaqat bhi Important hai. Gen Ni us waqt k news repoter( saha-fi-o) ko 56 lac bi dye , yi be abhi Under progress hai.
1992 mien phele dafa Yi bat {Mir hasil khan Bizenjo (jo us waqt senet k Rukn the)},  aur National assembly mien Problem khati karne lagi yi Petition, es mien kakar ka name bi shamil tha. Phir 1993 mien PPPP ki Hukumat aie aur Gen Asad Durrani  us  waqt sath badal gy. Aur unho ni  Tamam Log jo Es mien Mulawis the Unki LIST Bi-nazeer ko di di. Aur 1994 mien pppp ni Enko Germany ka Ambassador ban dia. Aur phir yi story chalti rahe.
Yi case kabhi open hota raha kabhi close. Phir 1999 k bad 29 Feb 2012 ko yi CASE dobara OPEN hoa. Khete hai yi CASE jab bi OPEN hoa(3 times) us Waqt ki Hukumat ko Dhoba deta hai. Ab dekhtien hai k yaha kia hota hai.

Younis Habib ab daily koi (New Suspense create) karte hai, kuch new bata kar. Ab 22 year bat ko Es tarha FIRE karna kia OBJECTIVE hai es k Pechay, Yi khena Qabal-az-waqt he nai bulke , just prediction hi kar sakte hai.  Kio k Ab ( Pakistan) ki Jo Economic Situation) bana dig y hai. Un par daily u kuch new La kar (divert)kia jata hai.
Es Drame k Kafi actor ya Tu (death) hug y hai ya tu (wheel chair) par hai Ya Tu us (AGE) k Part mien hai Jo ab  Just Innocent ki LIFE hi Guzaar sakte hai. Tu Phir ab 12 year bad yi case 4th dafa Open kar k Kia karna chahty hai. Juch nai Kaha ja sakta.
Yi CASE True hai bi ya nai yi khena bi Qabal-az-waqt hoga.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Picture with BC (4)

1.     Waheeda Shah Ko (2 year) K ly Na-Ehel Qaraar di dia gia. Ab (debate) yi  hai Kia yi Saza(Punishment) Kaafi hai. Ager Waqi unho ni aapni Islaah Karni hai tu (700 days Enough) hai. (700 days) ka matlab wo es (Election) mien (stand) nai kar sakti. Yi (bad news) be hai PPP k Ly aur (Good) be hai. (Bad news) es (Sense) mien K (image) bad Hoa (PPP) ka Awam k samny aur (good News) k Log es ko (appreciate) be Kare gi PPP ki Governemnt mien Supreme Coat ni yi Faisla dia. (But PPP is the Largest party in Pakistan.) Aur unko Es tarha ki harkateen zeeba nai deti Chahy (Picture) ka 2nd Rukh kuch be ho.

2.     07-03-212(Wednesday) Ko (world Bank) ni 150 Corer (Dollar) Pakistan ko Qarza dene k ly raza mand ho gy BISP k ly. Mien Pochta ho k Yi kio kia ja raha hai, kia yi paisa (Interest) k sath Pakistan ni (Pay) nai karna aur hum Log ka 1 (person) wese he PKR. 62000/- tak k Maqrooz hai aur Kitna Maqrooz karo ge. Hum LOG (dependence) Ho kar rhe gy hai (IMF, World Bank, America and Donation par Why?) Afsoos hota hai k Her Insaan Aapni zaat tak Kio Mehdood rehta hai kia Mera Allah hisaab nai le ga. “”Her Halaal cheez ka Hisab hoga aur Haraam par Azaab”” …and No comment for this Topic.

3.     Toheen-Adalaat cases ki Simaat ho rahi hai( Kabhi Prime Minister par, kabhi Baber Awan par) aur ab Asgher Khan ki (petition) par 1988 Mien jo ISI aur Mehran Bank k scandal mien (almost 35 to 40 corer ko divide karne ka case). Kio Hum Logo Ko Divert kia jata hai Itni Sansini Khaiz Khaber bata kar. kahin Oil & gas ki prices ko Phir (Increase) kar dia jata. Poor People k Yi masail nai hai Unko es si koi gharaz nai en tamam cases si. Unka Masla hai k Load shedding ko (END) kia jy, (Inflation Control) rahe, Poverty Ko (END) kiajy, Inequality Jo INCOME mien hai usko khatam kia jy. Meri Yi (appeal) hai (supreme Court) si K Kio Es Cheez ko Itna Bada kar Paish Kia ja Raha hai Jab Toheen-adalaat ho gy hai Tu (end0 kare Es Cheez ko Aur Ager (Notice) Lena hai Tu (Energy Crises, PIA, Steel Mills, Pak railway, Rental corruption aur Money Supply par Li….!!!

4.     8-03-2012 (World Women day)  Aurat(women) K Buht Roap hai ( Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter and etc). En Mien sub si khoobsorat (Mother) ka rishta hai Ager Dunya k Her ladki( women) Mother ban kar her faisla(Decision) li aur Soche(Think),  tu Mujhe Yaqeen hai, k wo Mulk aur wo Gharana Kabhi be (Decline) nai hoga, Jaha Hum (women Empowerment) ki bat karte hai, Aur Bi Buht kuch. Yi (Bill pass) karwa do yi es tarha karwa do. Lakin (women) Ki (respect) Jab tak nai hogi Tu kese (Empowerment) aie gi. ( I am sorry To say) K hum Log (Women) Ki (education0 k (against) hai, Unki  (JOB) k aur es tarha Dakhte hai k jese enki tu koi (Respect) he nai aur yi Tu hamare ALLAH ki makhlooq he nai hai.Uff hum Kia (Developed kare gi),Hamar Literacy rate 58% hai aur Women Just 36% and male 64%.......!
Mien ni Obseve kia hai k aik women k Khyalaat (as compared To Men) buht Ache (Good) hote hai. But (Confidence Level little bit less) yi hum logo ka Kamal hai enko Confidenec  kia di gi aur kia Empower di gi?
Hum rooz sunte hai K Kisi par Acid painkh dia gia , Kisi ko qatal kar dia gia , Kisi ni appni Wife ko qatal kar dia, Saas ni Beti k sath mil k Apni bahoo Ko qatal kar dia , Aik aurat ni aapne Child ko , Husbend ko, Uski Maa ko qatal kar dia……and many More..
Afsoos k sath khena pad raha K kabhi hum yi (Read) kia karte the(WAS),  k Hamare Muhammad (P.B.U.H) K (Time) mien (Female child) ko zinda dafan kar dia jata tha , Tu ,(I am sorry to say) aaj kia ho raha hai (Interior Or Modern cities) mien. Aaj Es bat par Hum Ko Fakher hai(Shame), K Hum Log Zinda Dafan Nai karte, Zinda ko Goli mar dete hai ghairat k nam Par, Vani Kar Dete hai aapni (Daughters) ko, Karo-Kari K Ilzam Par, (ACID) paink dete hai aur Be buht kuch kar jate hai, Banda es si Poche kon si Ghairat, kis ghairat ki bat karte ho , Tum logo ni marna nai hai kia?….Leave  it,
Insaa-niyat ki Tamaam Had ko Paar kar jate hai aur wo Roap Dhaal lete hai k Jis si Insaa-niyat nai Hiwa-niyat bi nai Di-rand-agi dekhaie dete hai. Yi 1 lambi debate hai (Insaan vs Animal), (but Till the End), Es debate mien Insaan Zada VOTE le kar WIN tu kar jata hai, But mujhe Lagta hai k kuch TIME bad yi (VOTE ANIMAL) li jaya kare ge.
It’s just my Views
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Picture with BC (3)

Missing Person in Pakistan (currently a serious issue) And Humen development Index (HDI)

Kio k kabhi Karachi Press Club k samny, tu kabhi Parliament Hose k samny, Muza-he-ray hote hai. All PAKISTAN si  Peolple apne Pyaro ki talash mien es Umeed par  Roz Uthta hai, k Shayed aaj unke Pyare a jy. Par kabhi tu aysa hota k Unki Na dakhne wali lash a jati hai. Eske Peeche Kis ka hath hai yi khena Qabal-az-waqt hoga . Kio k Yi Debate sirf story ka 1 rukh he btati hai k People Missing hai just itna he.

Kal hamid Meer sir ne “Capital talk” mien is issue par program kia. Aur be bhut si News k Anker person es major issue par Programms  kar rahe hai. But 1 question mark ban kar rhe gya hai Governemnt k ly k Kon hai yi jo kar raha hai?
Es cheez ka responsible kon hai?
Kon jawab-dahe hai Es cheez ka.?
Kia PAKISTAN ki AWAM sawal be kisi ni nai pooch sakti?

Khete hai k Mayoosi  Gunha hai but yi log daily 1 new umeed par jeete hai k may be aaj hamara pyara a jy. Allah Enko Himat di Kio k yi LOG tu jeete G he mare hoe hai, Yi tu Ye he jante hai k en par kia Guzar rahe hai. Meri Dua hai K ya ALLAH enke pyare jaha be ho Enko apne hifzo-aman aur Khairat si ghar Pohanch jy. (Ameen)

Kal (Monday, 05-03-2012) Islamabad mien
Chute Chute(Small) Masoom Bache jin ki Umer abi Khelne ki hai ,
2.     Aur Doosri taraf Aurat(Women) becahri jin ki Kam nai hai K Road par aye, Jin ki zeenat Ghar par ache lagti hai,
3.     Aur wo Old father jin k jawan Son Gayeb hai aur Unki age gawara nai deti k Road par aye bechare jin k abi allah ki ibadat mien masroof aur bed par aram karne ki zrorat hai wo be road par , Poori Poori rat Bechare Road par he Guzar dete hai.

 Afsoos k Pakistan 1 azad mulk be hai, but Ii think, k kuch be nahi khe sakte,  hamare es mulk mien hum ko divert kia jata hai koi new issue bana kar.

Bechare roz apni Pyaro ko dkhete hai but enki Golio bhari lash a jati hai .

Ager ye he situation rahe tu future mien Hum Log (Humen development Index) mien 145 si Last mien chale jy ge. Aur Africa jisko Humare LOG khete hai, k Business ager karna hai tu Africa mat jana Kio k waha Poverty, Inequailty, human ki Izat, Economic situatin aur be bht kuch sahi  nai hai. Aaj mien hansta ho en logo par jo yi bi nai jante k yi apki Prediction apke views kis Base par de rahe ho, kuch pata be hai kabhi research bi ki hai Africa ki, jo yi khete ho , mien en people ko yi he kaho ga k check karo HDI report, Transparency Annual reports aur world bank ki Reports jo Kuch aur he khete ha….!!

Sochna hoga k Hum logo k pass Insanyiat name koi cheez be hai kia?
Sirf kisi ko Bura khen k ly Hum Log islam ko beach mien li ate hai, Hum logo mien Ikhlaq name ki koi cheez nai hai, Aur East ko bura bhala khete hai…!! Emaan tu hamare weak hai.

HDI mien 105 si 145 par chale gy, ab lagta hai k 170 be cross kar jy ge jaha Missing person, Target killing, Firing on buses, Bomb blast, land mafia, Cost of war, Drone attacks, Accident rate and kidnapped etc….!!!
Last 4 year mien hum Corruption mien 45 si 32 par a gy Mubarak ho. India 91 par hai aur hum si 3 Gunha zada Behtar hai, Africa k 20 si zada Countries hum si corruption mien Behtar hai.

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